£55 per hour* 

Yoga is my biggest passion next to photography - that's why photographing other people's practice makes a lot of sense. Originally, I never intended to combined the two, it happened very organically at the start of 2017. After working with a few different yoga studios, I realised that my own practice gives me an advantage and a deeper understanding, when it comes to photographing yogis.

-  A session in the studio, your home or an outdoor location.

-   A vaiety of pictures, featuring your practice, asana, pranayama, meditation, teaching a class, 1:1, close ups and portraits.

-  Usually about 50 high-resolution digitally processed images

* Plus time spend on the postproduction (at same rate)


£250 for a 2 hour shoot (50 images) 

£350 for a 2 hour shoot (80 images)

This shoot is best suited for a small independent business or an individual looking to capture the story behind their brand. 

-      2 to 3 hour session at a location of your choice. 

-      A variety of pictures dependent on your needs. For example this can be tailored for a lifestyle lookbook. 

-      50 high-resolution digitally processed images.


£150 for a 1h 30 min shoot (15 images)

For someone who needs beautiful portraits for a website, blog or social media.

-      1h 30min session.

-      Photoshoot at your home or an outdoor location.

-      15 high-resolution digitally processed images.


From my own experience I know how much energy running an event takes; planning the time frame and the format, finding a suitable date, selling tickets, setting up, making sure that on the day everyone is happy. Sometimes taking photographs is the last thing we want to worry about but at the same time it’s so special to have someone to photograph those candid “behind the scenes” moments.*

In the past I've worked on a number events at The Forge including: Wreath Workshop with Ruby and The Wolf, Wilderness with Another Escape, International Women's Day with Murmuration and the monthly gathering with Yoga Brunch Club.

1 picture - £40

3-5 pictures - £25 per pic

10-15 pictures - £18 per pic

*All the pictures will be digitally processed, resized to your needs and web ready.

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