Yoga Supper Club at Dela

Few weeks ago, after I got back from Barcelona, I photographed Yoga Supper Club organised by my dear friend, Clem. Photographing people during their practice always feels so special and intimate, I absolutely love it and feel very grateful for the opportunities like these.

That evening, Clem led a very calming and grounding yoga practice, whcih was followed by the most delicious meal from Lara and Mike of Dela

What a treat!

Wild Source Apothecary

My first attempt with product photography. There’s still lots of room for improvement still but that was a very fun shoot. 

Many thanks to gorgeous Kate from Wild Source Apothecary for letting me play with her products. If organic, vegan skincare is your thing, you should definitely check out her shop.

A Tasting at The Forge

Last Sunday I photographed a wine tasting hold by A Tavola at The Forge. 

Guests had a chance to taste around 50 wines from all over Europe as well as stunning ciders and perry from Skyborry. Each supplier (there was a fantastic selection of importers and producers from Bristol, Wales and London) was at The Forge talking through what they have chosen to bring to the tasting, where and how it has been produced, and it’s characteristics. 

Along side drinks, Rosie The Bristol Cheesemonger was serving a selected cheese plate with Farro Bakery bread within the ticket price.

All the money from sold tickets went to a local Bristol mental health charity. 

Yoga Brunch Club

It really felt like spring yesterday! Didn’t it?

I spent my Sunday working with the Yoga Brunch Club at The Forge. This time we had a delicious from Thecla and Ewan who are behind Murray Mays Food, they served very colourful meze inspired dishes.  

I believe the April event is already sold out but the May list will be announced soon - if you’d like to join Clem’s beautiful community, sign yourself to her newsletter.

Yoga Brunch Club

Another month, another beautiful gathering organised by Clem, founder of the  Yoga Brunch Club

This time brunch was cooked by Lara from Dela. Dela means ‘share’ in Swedish and celebrating time spent sharing food and eating together is fundamental to Dela’s ethos. Their seasonal sharing menu is constantly changing, and they use locally sourced produce and homegrown vegetables. 

It was outstanding! So simple and nutritious. To be completely honest I still can’t stop thinking about the muesli bircher with compote rhubarb…

I wish all my Sundays could be like that… *dreamy*


My initial idea was to not have any expectations about our trip to Morocco. The truth is, it didn’t quite work that way. I’d heard plenty of stories, from various people, and spent my whole first day feeling afraid; of the men hanging on the street, the energy around me and the whole dynamic of Marrakech.

Meeting our friend Emma, who’s been living there since September helped me realise quite a lot. For someone who studied Anthropology, it shouldn’t have been a surprise to me what a huge impact speaking the language has when you’re abroad (duh). Seeing Emma speak French and Arabic to the people who were hanging on the street the night before, made me realised how ignorant I was being.

We quickly realised that eating at beautiful restaurants might be a nice experience but they’re usually overpriced. The venues indeed looked gorgeous, and I have to admit they’re a perfect escape when you feel overwhelmed by the constant nagging, but the menu options were limited and left something to be desired.

That’s why we decided to try some of the local street food stalls. Emma gave us some tips about vegan food and after our first meal, we were hooked. We had the most delicious meal, filled with laughter and English/Arabic lessons. Since then, we never went back to a restaurant. I don’t think I’m ever going to forget the look on the women’s face after we visited her little place again. Her crepes with almond butter were delicious!

In the meantime, I had my first crystal trade on the market, did some yoga and learnt how to laugh at the things that seemed scary, only a day before.

Funny, how we go to new places to experience different cultures but seek out our same old routines. Sometimes, all we need is a little bit of understanding and a gentle reminder to leave our comfort zone and embrace the chaos.

I’m happy to say, India, I’m ready for you.

Yoga Retreat At 42 Acres

In the first week of January, I had a pleasure to come along as a photographer to a Chakra Balancing retreat organised by Laura Gilmore, a director of Bristol City Yoga (and my yoga teacher) at the most magical accommodation near Frome, 42 Acres.

 The yoga sessions combined asana, pranayama and bio-energetic practices to enable us to experience the subtle body, where the prana may be restricted or excessive, and to balance the poles of prana from root to crown.

This was the first time I was working on a yoga retreat. (I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever worked on a commission as relaxing and intimate at the same time). I’m deeply grateful to Laura and BCY team for giving me this opportunity.

Charlie - Maternity Shoot

I have to admit, I was a little bit nervous before this photoshoot since I’ve never shot a pregnancy session before. 

Capturing maternity crossed my mind once or twice but I never thought I can actually do it. When Charlie approached me via instagram about participating in our Women’s Circle project it felt right from the start. We spent a beautiful morning in her house connecting, sharing stories and getting to know each other. In fact, Charlie convinced me that I should consider documenting pregnancies on a regular basis. That’s why I’ve decided to add a maternity package over here.

Usually, I don’t share photos before a story is ready but since Charlie is due next week, I decided to change this rule a little.

Yoga Brunch Club with Lauren Lovatt

Sorry for my absence. It’s been a busy month. I celebrated my 30th birthday in Dorset, I was focusing on my yoga practice and working a lot on new projects. 

Last Sunday I was shooting another Yoga Brunch Club at The Forge. A beautiful dynamic Vinyasa Flow practice was led by the founder Clem, followed by a delicious raw vegan brunch provided by an absolute queen, Lauren Lovatt. Lauren is a professional plant-based chef currently studying at the PlanetLab. She specialises in raw desserts, couture catering and bespoke private dining. You should definitely check out her Instagram.  

I can proudly say I’ve been veggie for half of my life (15 years) but that was the most mind-blowing, fun and yummy vegan meal I’ve ever had. It’s so nice to be able to have a really nice meal without wondering if there’s dairy in it (lol).

PS. I finally managed to put together a Pricing tab. If you’d like to work together (or yo know someone who would), please take a look.

Yoga Brunch Club III

At some point this summer, Charlie and I were walking on the street and I said to him “I’ve recently noticed that women are smiling at me”. He asked, if perhaps it’s because I changed my attitude towards other women. I remember coming home and thinking about it. Is it possible that through most of my life I felt threatened by other women’s success or beauty? How silly does that sound? 

Unfortunately on some unconsciousness level, I think this is exactly what my beliefs were. Only after moving to the UK my whole concept about women’s friendship changed. I was thinking about it yesterday morning while I was shooting a Yoga Brunch Club at The Forge in Bristol. 

Clem is on a mission to make yoga more accessible to people. It can be intimidating to go to a yoga class for the first time. (I remember that feeling very well). Clem makes sure her class is playful and flowing. Combing yoga, delicious food and meeting new people is a truly perfect way to treat yourself once a month, on a Sunday morning. 

For some reason yesterday felt very special. Maybe it’s because it was the third time Clem and I were working together. It was nice to make new friends but also to say hello to the people I recognised from the previous class. Clem can really hold a beautiful energy in the room. She created a community of people as wonderful as she is. If you’ve never been to YBC, do yourself a favour and grab a ticket for the next event. I believe in November, Clem is holding a brunch in Bristol and London. Hopefully see you there.


Step Outside

This morning my mind was pacing towards the next week. I was planning ahead my to do list and thinking about finding more work (welcome to a freelancers life). In the end all that thinking made me feel anxious and sluggish. 

Very grateful for Charlie for forcing me to drop this mindset and leave the house.(Why is it so difficult for us to let go of an attitude that doesn’t serve us? It’s like listening to a very sad playlist when you’re already in a bad mood?)

Feeling calm and ready for my yin class tonight at BCY. Sometimes all we need is a two hour walk in the country to reminded ourselves that life is good. It’s that easy.
(These photos were taken on my iPhone)

My star sign is an Introvert

I only realised I am an introvert when I started seeing Charlie. In fact, I’ve always seen myself as an outgoing and outspoken person. My work constantly depends on working with new people, asking the right questions and making everyone to feel comfortable. I like to think, that whenever I’m meeting with someone, I share with them the best version of myself. But in the real life, it can be very draining and so, I have a deep need to hide away and restore my energy.

Yesterday I spent an afternoon with my fellow witch, Roseanna. You know that feeling, when after hanging out with someone you feel so lifted up that you can’t shut up about them. Well, this is exactly how Roseanna makes me feel. What I don’t understand is, why it takes me so long to actually organise time with my friends. To be honest in this sense Roseanna and I are quite similar. We both know that seeing friends is very important and yet we both cling on to “me time” so much. This essentially means, I end up being on my own a lot.

But here’s the thing, shouldn’t we push ourselves out of our comfort zones more often? Stretch our own boundaries? For the last few days, my tarot cards were also gently reminding me about finding time to laugh over coffee with friends, communicating and leaving my shell. I think I may have found a new challenge to work on. 

Last weekend we went to visit Charlie’s dad in Hampshire. There is something really magical about the English countryside. I don’t know if it’s the open space, mist over the hills or listening to the birds in the morning but being in the country makes me feel nostalgic and at ease. 


I use to hate Autumn. 

Instead of seeing Fall as a perfect excuse to fill my belly with hearty food or get cosy under a blanket, I would think about all the things I won’t be able to do when it comes around. I’m aware that I always had a big problem with being at rest. For me, resting means doing; going for a walk, practicing yoga, baking, running; but simply being? That’s tough.

Last year, I went through a big shift in my life which forced me to go inwards. Since that moment I’ve been trying to learn how to appreciate all transitions. (Don’t get me wrong, I still get moody at this time of the year but I try really hard to embrace and reflect on it). I’ve even started creating little rituals and I use them as a tool to keep myself grounded. 

The other day I read a nice article about spiritual lessons and practices we can reflect on during this season. This short blog post reminded me that Autumn is something more than just a drop in temperature. 

Interview with Together and Sunspell

In August I had the pleasure of talking to Together And Sunspell about my journey into photography, self-love and starting This Is Womb. I have to admit, it’s a strange thing not only to read an interview with yourself but also to not be critical of yourself when you see your face on someone else’s picture. This makes me realise how all the women I worked with must have felt. And this is what I’m very grateful for. 

You can see the full story here

Fat Greek Wedding

When Georgia and Tom, asked me to be a photographer at their traditional Greek wedding in Lemnos, I simply couldn’t say no. Wedding photography is not really my cup of tea but having an opportunity to document that 5 days was a mind blowing experience. Big thank you to Georgia’s family who welcomed me to their house and looked after me so well, I’m beyond grateful! 

Pure Yoga

Shooting yoga teachers is one of my favourite assignments. It’s not only very calming but also makes me feel inspired when it comes to my own practice. That moment when my breath synchronises with the breath of the yogi in front of my camera feels so intimate and beautiful! Follow the link in the bio to see some of the pics I took for Pure Yoga on Saturday, @ameliabristol. In this picture is the gorgeous Ulle.

Wilderness Event, Another Escape

At the beginning of the year I started working for Another Escape magazine as a Community Manager. I’ve been a massive fan since Volume 3 came out in 2014 and so when Rachel, the co-founder of the magazine, asked me to if I’d like to get involved you can probably imagine how happy I was. Last Friday together with The Forge, we held our first event, Wilderness. It was a lovely evening filed with yummy food from A Tavola and inspiring talks from Miscellaneous Adventures and Stef Roberts. They spoke about the importance of our connection to nature, how a life lived outdoors can inspire curiosity, and how we may challenge our perceptions on ‘home’. I hope everyone who attended had a fantastic time. Looking forward to hosting more AE events in the future. 

Satta Community

Recently there’s been so much going on I can’t explain. 

One of those things is becoming a brand ambassador for Satta Community

Thank you, Joe, for leaving your comfort zone and getting in touch with me. 
I’m deeply grateful you did. I know this is going to be a very special collaboration.
You can read more information about Satta below:

The seeds for Satta were planted back in 2007 deep in the Peruvian
Amazon, where founder, Joe Lauder, spent his first retreat staying with a
Shaman learning about sacred plant medicines of the jungle. 

Returning with a deep love and appreciation for the natural world, Joe
spent the following summers designing and building gardens around
London from his Brixton based workshop, Studio Satta. With winters spent
on trips to the mountain top temples of Tibet and Nepal, and magical
sun-soaked islands of Indonesia, the vision for Satta began to emerge. 

“I see the process of designing not separate from my yoga practice. Yoga
in Sanskrit comes from the root verb Yuj, meaning union or to join. Satta is
a union, a bringing together, of all the aspects of my life: the people, environments
and cultures I experience; my personal passions for working with
plants and natural materials; skateboarding and surfing. The output being
my efforts to try to merge them together into a tangible and cohesive
story, which people resonate with.”

You can also find Satta on FacebookInstagram or listen to some sweet, sweet tunes from Joe over here


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